Siltac EC and plant protection products

Siltac EC can be successfully combined with most plant protection products, contributing to the added-value of the product. Such possibility of tank mixing can increase effectiveness of the treatments, it saves time and costs.

Mixtures with insecticides and acaricides

Combination of „powers” against pests – radical effectiveness in provement.

A common practice is to combine Siltac EC with insecticides or acaricides to ensure radical elimination of particularly troublesome pests. The use of such mixtures makes it possible to take advantage of two mechanisms of action against pests in one treatment: physical (Siltac EC) and biochemical (chemical agent). This synergistic combination makes plant protection procedures more effective. It also helps to reduce the development of pests resistant to traditional chemical agents.

Pest-control properties of Siltac EC and of plant protection products are mutually cumulative.

Radical elimination of even the most troublesome pests

Preparation of liquid for spraying

When preparing tank mixtures with other crop protection products, it is important to remember that Siltac EC should be added last when the sprayer tank is almost completely full. This helps to prevent excessive foaming.

Examples of tank mixtures

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