3D-IPNS™ Technology makes Siltac EC very effective in controlling crop pests

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How does 3D-IPNS™ work?

The polymeric silicone net structure that forms on body surfaces of pests following application of Siltac EC, immobilizes the insects that feed on plants. It blocks their physical life functions in multiple ways and quickly leads to the death of herbivorous insects and mites.

Dead insects may remain attached to leaves for a few days. After that time they fall off, for example during rainfall.

Unlike most traditional plant protection products, Siltac EC combats pests by employing a purely physical mechanism rather than interfering with their biochemical life processes.

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Cross-linking effect

A polymeric silicone net structure that forms on body surfaces of pests after application of Siltac EC

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„Siltac EC is an original and undoubtedly a breakthrough solution in the protection of plants against pests. This is an example of how an advanced chemical technology can drive progress in agriculture and horticulture.”

dr Janusz Świętosławski

Technology and science

A breakthrough technology for the physical elimination of crop plant pests

Siltac EC was manufactured on the basis of 3D-IPNS™ technology, developed in ICB Pharma laboratories and placed under patent protection in many countries. Both this technology and Siltac EC represent a breakthrough and a considerable advance in plant pest control strategies in Poland and abroad.


The 3D-IPNS ™ technology employs a purely physical mechanism of controlling pests. The product contains specific silicone polymers which undergo the so-called process of crosslinking (condensation), creating a net-like polymeric structure on body surfaces of pests. This process progresses rapidly, as soon as the product is applied. The resulting structure covers body surface of pests thoroughly, leading to their immobilization and cessation of life processes. In consequence of such action, harmful insects and mites die very quickly, even within several minutes.

Unlike most traditional plant protection products, which eliminate pests by producing a toxic effect and interfering with biochemical processes, 3D-IPNS™ technology employs a purely physical mechanism. It makes plant protection much safer.

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