Why Siltac EC?

The modern plant protection against pests faces many significant difficulties. These result from the systematic withdrawal from trade a number of conventional, chemical insecticides and miticides.

Furthermore – the phenomenon of pests’ resistance to pesticides is getting bigger and bigger. Also, consumers’ awareness concerning safe food is growing. This results in the requirement of no harmful chemical residues.

The implementation of Siltac EC into the agricultural practice may effectively solve these problems.




It is a good idea to use Siltac EC taking advantage of its valuable features:

  • It is highly effective in reducing the population of many harmful pests (e.g. spider mites, aphids, scales).
  • Pests do not develop resistance to Siltac EC due to its physical mode of action. The product is highly useful in anti-resistance strategies and controlling populations resistant to the traditional zoocides.
  • It is efficient in controlling in particular the pests that quickly become resistant to the traditional insecticides and acaricides (e.g. aphids, spider mites).
  • It does not contain any traditional chemical pesticides (no problem of plant protection residues).
  • Thanks to its broad range of application – it is very useful in protecting crops for which there are no registered, traditional insecticides / acaricides to control pests.
  • It can be used in tank mixes with plant protection products in order to enhance pest control (accumulation of the controlling performance of Siltac EC and the traditional product, no need to add any adjuvants).
  • It meets the expectations concerning safe plant protection.

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