See why Siltac EC is so effective

Siltac EC is a product based on the unique 3D-IPNS technology, protected under patent law. When applied, Siltac EC forms a net-like polymer structure on body surfaces of herbivorous insects and mites, which tightens around them like a spider’s web. It immediately immobilizes pests, by means of a purely physical mechanism, blocking their life processes. This way, pests are quickly eliminated.

As demonstrated by several years of its use in Poland and in many countries all over the world, Siltac EC is a high-performing and increasingly popular product. Farmers and gardeners appreciate the originality of the product and its proven properties and benefits.

Its effectiveness in eliminating pests has been proven by numerous studies in Poland and abroad. Siltac EC has been subjected to a series of toxicological and ecotoxicological tests to make it safe for both users and the environment. The high safety level is also confirmed by the certificate issued by Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (Certificate No. PZH/HT-3292/2017).

All raw materials used to produce Siltac EC come from reputable suppliers and meet even the most stringent requirements set out in the marketing authorization laws. The excellent quality of silicone polymers, on which the product is based, is evidenced by their approval for use in organic farming in the USA.

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Siltac ensures the health and joy of our customers

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The use of Siltac EC makes it possible to cultivate plants without any residues. This global trend has taken hold in our country as well. That is what society expects of us. For this reason, the distributors of our crops set high standards. It is possible to meet such standards thanks to the use of Siltac EC. What differs this product from other traditional pesticides is the physical impact on pests, as a result of which it does not introduce harmful chemicals into fruits and vegetables.

Siltac EC can be used in many crops

Siltac EC has a wide range of applications. It is intended for use for vegetable crops, fruit trees and berries, ornamental plants and cereals.

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Benefits of using Siltac EC

  • High effectiveness

  • Pests do not develop resistance to the product

  • Fast action

  • Effectiveness in controlling a wide range of pests

  • No residues in crops

  • Siltac EC enhances the effect of traditional insecticides

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Siltac EC controls many onerous pests

As demonstrated by both scientific research and the practical experience of growers, Siltac EC is highly effective in combating such pests as mites, aphids, psyllids, whiteflies, thrips. Treatment with Siltac EC noticeably reduces pest populations without affecting the safety of useful fauna.

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